Brand history

About Derosa

Alvast, together with his wife Nune, developed sketches, invented and embodied their ideas in metal. From the very beginning of production, elite jewelry began to attract the attention of collectors, celebrities and representatives of high society.

Realizing that the products are in demand, the couple did not waste time and began to send their products to the best fashion houses in Armenia, Russia, France, Italy. The talented family of jewelers was quickly noticed internationally.

In the developed jewelry creations of the first decades, the influence of the traditional school of jewelers of that time was still felt — most of the products had strict geometric shapes, combining platinum, gold and precious stones.

Since 1927, design, thanks to the developments of the Davidian sisters, has become more innovative, the first collaborations with well-known brands and European salons appear, which makes it possible to achieve high recognition among the elite jewelry production environment.

Jewelry minimalism has long won the hearts of fashionistas

Stylish trends for everyday life and elegant solutions for going out do not leave indifferent modern ladies. It is worth noting that DEROSA JEWELLERY  remains one of the few jewelry houses that masterfully work with their own archives. The most recent example is the geometric zirconia earrings, which are a modern modernization of the 1931 collection.

To date, at the beginning of the 21st century, the DEROSA JEWELLERY  brand has released twelve limited collections, most of which can be worn as a special piece of jewelry or complemented with other jewelry from the jewelry lines — rings, cufflinks, earrings, etc.